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Attention For The Maintenance Of Reducer

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Update time : 2016-04-22 15:12:00

Attention For The Maintenance Of  Reducer

1. Check oil level in gearbox.
Check the oil level of the lubricant regularly. Remove the oil level plug to check if the oil is full. Install oil level plug after inspection.

2.Regular inspection of lubricant quality.
Check the quality of oil regularly, and replace the oil with impurity or deterioration. No mixing of lubricant of different brands, no mixing of lubricant of the same brand and different viscosity.

3. Replace the lubricating oil termly.
Open reducer oil level screw, ventilator and oil discharge screw; Remove all oil; Install the oil discharge screw plug; Inject new oil of the same brand; The viscosity of oil after cooling increases the difficulty of oil discharge. The reducer should change oil at operating temperature.

Do not strike the reducer housing with gravity hammer to avoid damage.

If normal use, the highest temperature of the lubricating oil should be less than 85 ℃. Abnormal change of oil temperature and temperature rise, abnormal noise and other phenomena must be stopped immediately for inspection, and can be used again after troubleshooting

Replacement of the wearing parts after running and load test before formal use.


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