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Maintenance Of Hydraulic Pump

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Maintenance Of Hydraulic Pump


1. Check the fasteners of commodities at ordinary times, such as whether the screws are loose or not, and check whether the pipe interface of the device is leaking oil.

2. Check oil seal cleaning.It is often necessary to clean the oil seal to avoid affecting the service life of the machine.

3. Replace hydraulic oil after 500 hours of operation for the first time. The maximum replacement cycle of hydraulic oil is 2000 hours, and the maximum replacement cycle with air filter is 500 hours.

4. To optimize the service life of hydraulic components, please replace the hydraulic oil and filter regularly.Hydraulic pollution is the main factor of hydraulic component damage.Please stick to hydraulic oil cleaning during maintenance and repair.

5. For normal use, check whether the oil level of hydraulic oil tank meets the requirements, and check the water content of hydraulic oil and whether there is abnormal smell.When the hydraulic oil contains water, the oil is cloudy or milk-like, or there is water droplet deposit at the bottom of the oil tank.When there is stench, the hydraulic oil operation temperature is too high.When the above situation occurs, please replace the hydraulic oil immediately, and find out the factors of the occurrence and deal with them together.Pay attention to check if the vehicle is leaking.

6. During the test run and operation period, it is necessary for the axial plunger pump components to be filled with hydraulic oil and clean air.After a long shutdown, oil filling and exhaust operations are required, as the system may drain through the hydraulic pipeline.

7. The pollution has fatal damage to hydraulic components, and the maintenance and repair work environment should be cleaned properly.Before starting maintenance or repair, clean the pump or motor thoroughly.


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