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Monthly Crawler Crane Inspection

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Update time : 2019-07-09 10:56:30
There’s no argument that preventive maintenance is essential to promoting crawler crane safety. This section of maintenance maintenance by outlining safe, proper preventive maintenance procedures that minimize interference with operation of cranes that are still in use.

1. The Monthly Inspection of Engine.

If the oil filter dirty or clogged

Check that whether fuel filter is dirty, blocked or damaged

Whether the air filter core is dirty, blocked and damaged

Whether battery liquid volume, specific gravity is normal, whether the terminal loose, corrosion.

2. The Monthly Inspection of Platform.

Whether the oil quantity of each oil tank is appropriate, whether oil leakage, dirt, peculiar smell, foreign matter and hydraulic oil is dirty, filter is blocked, damaged

Whether there are cracks in the main reel, secondary reel and variable amplitude reel.

Whether the operation of the hydraulic device is normal, whether there is damage and corrosion phenomenon.Hydraulic oil is dirty, filter is blocked, damaged, implement drainage.

Whether there are cracks, deformation and other abnormal parts of the rotary platform

Whether the installation bolt of slewing support is loose or abnormal.

Whether the action of clutch and brake is abnormal.

3. The Monthly Inspection of Propelling Device
Whether the parts of the walking device are abnormal, whether the oil amount of the walking reduction gear is appropriate

Track shoes, track frame, whether the base deformation, crack

Whether the action of the hydraulic device is normal, whether there is scratch, rust, etc


Whether the guide wheel, track rollers, carrier rollers and walking reducer are normal

4. The Monthly Inspection of Attachment Lifcrane

Lifting boom, pulley, lifting hook whether deformation, crack.

Whether the wire rope is abnormal (full length), worn, broken, and whether the end treatment and connection are reliable.

Whether the operation of each mechanism of operating equipment is normal.

Whether the wire rope of lifting hook is deformed or worn.

5. Other Parts Miantenance
                    Whether the Angle indicator is normal.
Whether the anti-tilting bar is deformed or bent.Whether the signs are dirty or damaged.
Whether the switches used in the safety device are intact and whether the instrument indication is normal.