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The Daily Check Of Crane

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Update time : 2019-05-22 11:20:06

The service life of crane is closely related to daily maintenance. Attention to crane maintenance can reduce the incidence of crane failure so as to provide crane work efficiency.How to do the daily check of the crane? The following is for your reference.

The Daily Check of Engine.


Whether the amount of engine oil and radiator water is sufficient.

Whether the fan belt tensioned properly

Whether engine exhaust color is normal

Whether all the measuring instruments and electrical systems are normal

Daily Check of Platform.

Whether there is enough fuel in the fuel tank.

Whether hydraulic tank oil volume is appropriate and leakage
Whether the oil quantity of each reducer is appropriate and whether there is oil leakage

Whether the action of clutch, brake, rotary lock and ratchet is normal.

Whether the pipes and joints are leaking or damaged.
Hydraulic components whether oil leakage, damage, whether the pipe clip loose

Whether the action of each operation handle, operation button and foot pedal is normal.

Daily Check of Propelling Device
Whether the parts of the walking device are abnormal, whether the oil amount of the walking reduction gear is appropriate

Track board, track frame, whether the base deformation, crack

Whether the track shoe, guide wheel, upper roller, lowwr roller and walking reducer are normal

Whether the action of the hydraulic device is normal, whether there is scratch, rust, etc

Daily Check of Attachment Lifcrane

Lifting boom, pulley, lifting hook whether there is damage, deformation.


Whether the wire rope is worn and deformed


Whether the operation of various operating devices is normal

Other Parts Miantenance
                    Safety device, alarm device, whether the distribution line of each department is normal.
Whether the bolts and nuts of each part become loose and fall off
Whether the oiling places are fully oiled