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Rexroth Hydraulic Motor A2FM12/61W-VAB040-S

Item No.: A2FM12/61W-VAB040-S
Hydraulic Motor No: A2FM12/61W-VAB040-S
Max Pressuer: 420Bar
1.Product Detail:
Material: Steel
Condition: 100% New
Package: Plywood crate
Warranty: 2500 Working Hours or one Year
Min Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Port of Loading: Shanghai, Dalian, etc.
Trade Terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment terms: T/T; Western Union or as agreed
Delivery Time: Most parts in stock.
Usually need 7-20 days, according to the quantity.

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Hydraulic Motor:
A6VE160HD1D/63W-VZL380B-SK A2FE80/61W-VAL181-K A2FE160/61W-VZL181-KS
A6VE160HZ3/63W-VZL22XB-S A2FE63/61W-VZL027 A2FE80/61W-VAL181-K
A2FE63/61W-VZL106 A2FE63/61W-VZL100 A6VE250HZ/63W-VZM088B-S1072
A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB020FHB A2FE107/61W-VAL181-K A2FE80/61W-VAL020F-SK
A6VE160HZ3/63W-VZL22XB-S A6VM250HZ/63W-VZM088B-S1072 A6VE250HZ/63W-VZB010
A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB020FHB A2FM180/61W-VAB181-K A2FM125/61W-VAB181-K

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