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What to Look For in a Crane Boom

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Update time : 2022-05-26 15:26:39
Before you purchase a crane boom, you should know what to look for. The qualified inspector will check the straightness and squareness of all the boom sections. Then, he or she will ask you questions and make suggestions. When you buy a crane boom, the buyer should be aware of the safety and quality requirements of the crane. If these requirements are not met, you might find yourself with a faulty crane boom. So, if you want to avoid costly repairs, you should buy a new crane boom.
cummins engine parts

This 50 ton crawler crane powered by a Cummins engine and a 70 foot tubular boom is in great condition and available for rent. The truck is located in central Florida and has undergone recent maintenance and repairs. If you are interested in renting this crane, please contact us to discuss your needs. You can also view photos and read customer reviews to see how this particular truck works. The parts listed below are used, and they are in excellent condition.
cummins crate engine

At SEMA 2016, Cummins announced its long-awaited crate engine program. Cummins Repower delivers brand new engines directly to the aftermarket market. The new program is the culmination of extensive consumer research and surveys. The company aims to meet the growing demand for Cummins engines in the consumer aftermarket. The company is proud to offer a variety of crate engine options for crane booms.

A Cummins crate engine for cranes is the most popular choice among crane operators and is highly suitable for a range of applications, including construction and demolition sites. Founded in Ohio, the company designs and distributes a range of power generation products, including gas and diesel engines. In addition to engines, Cummins also distributes filtration components. The company has been in the industry for decades, and it has earned a good reputation among its customers.

The Cummins Repower engine is an R2.8 Turbo Diesel and will include major components for easier installation and documentation to make it emissions-compliant in all 50 states. It will be based on a global platform and is suitable for most small trucks and SUVs. It can work with most software, enabling operators to easily configure its features and functionality. And thanks to its modular design, Cummins can work with any crane software.
cummins 6bt crate engine

The Cummins 6BT Engine was first manufactured in 1988 and launched with the Dodge Ram in 1989. The Ram was Chrysle's first heavy duty truck and faced stiff competition from Ford and GM. Hence, the company needed a heavy duty engine. Today, it is used in crane booms, school buses, generators, motor homes, and small dump trucks. Whether you need a new crane or you want to overhaul the existing one, you can choose a Cummins 6BT long block engine.

The main boom consists of a 40' Head & Heel, two 30' inserts, and one 10' insert. This boom can be folded up for easier transport. The main boom is 11' wide x 31'6" long, with a height of 11'3. It can fit into two hi cube containers. The engine can reach a working height of 29.5 feet, which makes it ideal for crane booms.

This new crate engine program is a significant step for Cummins. Although Cummins has been in business for nearly two centuries, it has only recently begun offering its crate engine program to the public. This could spur other diesel manufacturers to step in the aftermarket. If Cummins continues to offer crate engines, it will create a competitive environment for the industry.
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