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A structural form of slewing support used in construction machinery

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Update time : 2019-01-17 12:55:20

Slewing ring support is known as: "the machine joints, is one of the important parts of construction machinery. It has inner and outer ring, rolling body and so on, can bear large axial, radial load and overturning moment at the same time. It's widely used.
Generally, the slewing ring supports can be divided into four-point contact ball slewing supports, cross cylindrical slewing supports, roller slewing supports, double row four spot-kick slewing supports, double row ball slewing supports, ball-roller combination and three-row cylindrical roller combination slewing supports. In these types of structure can also be divided into no tooth type, external tooth type, internal tooth type three structures.
In rotary bearing, four-point contact ball slewing bearing with large load capacity, crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearing has high static load capacity, three rows of cylindrical roller slewing bearing due to increase the bearing capacity of lead bearing height direction, various load respectively by different raceway and roller group, therefore, under the same loading conditions, the raceway diameter greatly narrowed, has the characteristics of the host more compact, slewing bearing is a kind of high bearing capacity。

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